About Dragon Rising

Dragon Rising describes more than our beloved studio space in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where we hold and guide a constantly evolving and deeply inspiring yogic practice.

It also describes the practice itself. Dragon Rising invokes a wild, elemental, magical practice, and is a realization of an unbound, simple and sustainable practice of conscious embodiment.

Sustainable Practice

What do we mean by sustainable? It is simply the functionality, meaning how we move and breathe naturally in the world, and what that means in the bone-space and the interconnectivity of the body within itself and its surroundings. And it is this experience that dictates the safe and powerful way in which we deconstruct postures and movement to serve what is truly nourishing in the context of a yogic practice woven into a human life.

Dragon Rising is a practice of evolution – an alchemical weaving of the science of primal functionality in the body with the utmost need to liberate and integrate the animating energy of the Soul.


The practice at Dragon Rising is dynamic, vital and progressive, while being subtle, still, and deeply nourishing. It is accessible to most practitioners with little to no experience. We don’t push, and this is never about performance or striving to obtain a higher level of mastery. It is about releasing within the deep work to unveil the innate brilliance of what is already within each of us.

An Invitation

We invite anyone seeking a profoundly deep practice of embodied awareness to join us in a class or two at Dragon Rising. We feel that you’ll find a peaceful depth of nurtured space, within which we inspire and guide a powerful, and fun practice.